Volvo’s new design management for its cars

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Volvo’s top chinese management, including Li Shu Fu, the Chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group ( the company that owns Volvo’s stocks majority) announced yesterday a new brand strategy for the next years. The swedish manufacturer, being bought by the Geely company at the start of 2011, plans to pay greater attention to the car market in China since the country has been experiencing a rapid growth in the last decade.

Volvo’s new strategy called ’Design around you’ wants to put the human factor in the center of its car design as a symbol that the customer is king. As a great swedish car, well-known for its safety and minimal design, Volvo’s vice-president of global marketing, Richard Monturo, said that: ”It summarizes our approach to understanding people, giving them a luxury experience that is a little more human-oriented – while at the same time linking firmly to our heritage of building safe and dependable cars, We are the most human-centric car brand in the industry. And we need to communicate that to our customers.”

In 2011, Volvo did very well on the chinese market, experiencing a rapid growth in its sales (36% in the first half of 2016), especially with the S60 and the XC60. Both cars received a positive feedback from the chinese automotive media.

The chinese upper-class tends to look away from the more expensive cars like Mercedes or Audi and look up to buying a Volvo since it has a reasonable price and a better quality and safety. This year, the most sold models in China were the XC60, S80 and the S60.